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Acting as a partner for entertainment players, is knowing and anticipating all their present and future issues


Come to our factory and you will see an astonishing cohabitation of all the different worlds which make up the Entertainment sector: the production of a new album here; the vintage repressing of a hit on vinyl elsewhere; a worldwide blockbuster film being pressed on Blu-Ray; the hotly expected new version of a video game which is being prepared confidentially nearby...

MPO’s multiple services have a fascinating common element: the richness of multiples challenges and how we reply to them in order to optimise the pertinence and effectiveness of each product.


A guided MOP tour of yourkey Entertainment issues



Launch In order to shake upconsumers and generate sales, pool together all the creative energy of anera or a trend. With your ad hoc packaging and other surprising collector’s editions spoil yourcustomers...

Relooking et relancement Repackagingand re-launches Film, music, new interpretations…there are successes and standards which are just waiting to be hits again. Give them a second life with MPO.
Gestion des flux Managing “peak” flows Production peaks, packaging linked to plannedevents, key moments need to be anticipated, organised and managed daily.
Évènement à jour nommé

Events on a given day As long as Christmas continues to be on 25 December and Father’s Day remains as important as Mother’s Day…As soon as a key event has been planned to be releasedon the market, we will implement teams to manage the peaks generated by demand.

Articulation BtoB et BtoC B2B and B2C connections  All our sales networks working at their optimum level: generating volume for retail via direct sales on the Internet.
Grandes Idées When the largest series generate the smallest... Imagine a magnificent collector’s edition with a customised version for a special event, but also for keyconsumers who will always cherish their exclusive product. Because the VIP experience exists as much as the customer experience, for MPOless is often more: your media package can become a targeted communication package.
Idées Complexes You think outside of the box? That is fine with us Any ambitious project can be “scary” at the beginning due to its complexity, whether it is industrial or technical, organisational or logistic. Is this a reason to abandon it?Requesting MPO’s helpwill not only help yousucceedany challenge but you can also rely on a true expertisewhich knows how to integrate services and talents.



Motivatedby its results-based culture, all of MPO International’s subsidiaries are used to resolving your most ambitious challenges.


With our worldwide complementary know-how and expertise(procuring materials; production or co-production, packing and co-packing, flexible service logistics…), your single business contact will organise and manage all your needs.