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You are a Pure Player, a worldwide publisher or a third-party publisher of video games, and you are looking for a complete, creative and trustworthy operational unit to orchestrate your European success. 
With MPO, you are choosing a global integrated solution for video games.

A major player in Europe, specialised in the Home Entertainment markets for close to 60 years, we have a perfect understanding of the specificities and requirements (economic, marketing and logistic…) which condition any great worldwide success of a console game.
In order to have this strategic inter-connection, to manage your Release Dates and your special operations for the entire European market, we offer you a global -creative, industrial, logistics and services -platform which only a true service integrator can provide.

Because only the MPO group has the capacity to provide you at the same time with its creative expertise for your ‘collector’ packaging, its industrial manufacturing expertise for producing and packaging of your games, and its logistics expertise in the management of your product flows, you are ensured of an integrated and affective management at each step of your supply chain.

Because your business is very demanding, ultra-creative and specific, because its requires significant investment and thus the need to generate significant sales, you need experienced, reliable partners to ensure full operational control of:

  your Release Date scheduling 
• costs
• the creativity and quality of your packaging
• smart solutions for back and forth flows


Global incorporated manufacturing


The commercial optimisation of your video games in the European markets