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For both publishers and readers, the alliance of reading “paper” and a CD or DVD offer is always a winning combination


Paper and physical digital media (CD, DVD) have always been very complimentary. Even in the so-called “All-Internet” era, this complimentary is just waiting to be expressed and capitalised by press and publishing firms.


On the margins of the “All Internet”, a pertinent encounter between the written word and the audiovisual environment


Your press titles as competitive media brands


For Publishers and Publishing professionals



MPO, the partner of your media partnerships

MPO is the European leader in this market, a key player which you cannot do without!


Other than the quality of its products and services, you will find that MPO is a partner which is:


• Perfectly reliable in terms of respecting delivery deadlines for printers.

• Very competitive pricewise.

• Capable of finding and managing additional service solutions