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In close partnership with IDOL, a pioneer and key player in digital broadcasting, MPO deals with all the technical aspects of your digital broadcasting strategies for allyour partner digital platforms


Mobile listening experiences, online purchasing, streaming…The new uses linked to the online consumption of cultural products and musichave made digital music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, YouTube…) keyvisibility and moneymaking channels.


MPO-IDOL partnership: the win-win alliance integrating the entire service chain.


You can rely on our well-developed joint offer, either in extension of MPO’s pressing work or as services such as digitalisation and then the broadcasting on digital distribution channels.


MPO Digital Service thus proposes to its label customers or distributors a series of tools and services enabling them to have a global and complete autonomy with regard to their digital distribution, from the management of content and its delivery to partners to report processing and financial analysis.


Covering the entire digital distribution chain, our offer replies to the requirements of constantly evolving technologies. Our digital services and tools are developed in such a way as to reply as best as possible to your need to distribute content everywhere.



Digital logistics


Main characteristics of the delivery system


Solution for processing financial reporting


Financial analysis tool