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Far cry 5 - Believe. Pray. Obey.


Welcome to Hope County, in Montana. The land of freedom and bravery that is home to a cult of survivalist fanatics: The Eden’s Gate Project.
The cult, led by Joseph Seed, a charismatic prophet, and his family, gradually extended its hold over all of Hope County and its inhabitants, a once quiet and uneventful city.


MPO had the privilege of designing two great videogames collectors: the "Father" edition and the "Hope County, MT" box, numbered in a limited edition of 6,000 copies.





These colourful sets include, in addition to the full set, many digital bonuses and collectibles such as the Joseph Seed 30cm figure and an impressive 45cm wide resin deer skull. Also included are the official soundtrack of the game, a map and a very nice Steelbook, all packaged by the MPO team.