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Dedicated since 1957 to the music, video, video game and IT markets, MPO (Moulage Plastique de l’Ouest[Plastic Moulding of the West]) is an historical industrial company, at the origin of the MPO International group.


Alongside its sister entities MPack and MLink, MPO constitutes the industrial and service cradle of MPO International and forms its technological and industrial base.

Since its creation, MPO has been a family-run industrial firm which has always been a pioneer, throughout the eras, thanks to its professionalism and its legendary innovative capacity.


It is at the exclusive services of Home Entertainment markets and key players within the sector, in perfect osmosis with its customers’ market issues. In an ever-changing technological environment, MPO has always managed to meet challenges whilst remaining in tune with the present time.


With a unique capital of experience of close to 60 years, a company known and recognised by national and international players in the leisure and entertainment sectors, MPO operates and manages extremely varied and often complex operations for its customers.


A global player with MPO International, in daily operational contact with MPack and MLink to co-drive and implement core activity synergies, MPO ensures its role as an industrial integrator on behalf of its customers.


From the original vinyl disc to digital solutions


A service integrator before its time


The stability of values: the guarantee of sustainable innovations