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MPack, like the rest of the MPO group is certified ISO 9001


Your products will be controlled multiple times throughout our manufacturing process, thus guaranteeing you an optimum service and quality.The efficiency of our management system enables us to control the needs and requirements of our customers whilst at the same time improving our long-term performances.




Calibration of the graphic chain according to ISO 12647 standards.

This standard establishes a series of procedures and methods: from data collection until the final printing via the standardisation of PDF files, their colorimetry, the proofing systems and the lighting used in the manufacturing process.




Imprim’Vert [Green Printing] Commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our printing business

CTP without chemical products. Recycling of production waste


  • 100% of the “to be scraped” finished products are recycled
  • 100% of the production line paper and cardboard trimmings and discardsare recycled




Partners and suppliers which respect environmental standards

Use of paper labelled FSC® and PEFC


Use of vegetable ink and water-based varnish





MPO labelled Imprim'Luxe [Luxury Printing]

The Imprim'Luxe label guarantees:


  • a premium, global and specialised offer
  • a sophisticated service-based approach
  • a high level of requirements
  • cost management